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Threats and Their Scenarios

Benefits and threats are two sides of the same coin: the degree to which needs are met. Benefits are the opportunities to meet the needs substantially better than before. Threats are the risks to satisfy the needs worse than before.


All benefits could be divided into 5 categories: own benefits, situational benefits, self-esteem benefits, security benefits and relationship benefits.


It means that threats could be also attributed to these 5 categories: own threats, situational threats, threats to self-esteem, threats to security and threats to relations.


The list of threats, as we see, is quite compact. Each of them has its own “scenario”: how exactly it could happen. Each of these scenarios could be described with a simple formula. The formula shows the relationship between the main components of the threat. In addition, each formula reflects the “threshold” nature of the threat: if the threat does not exceed a certain threshold value, it is not perceived as a threat.


When the seller manages to find out from the buyer which particular threat is considered the most dangerous, it is necessary to clarify the “values” of each of the components identified by the threat formula. Then seller needs to find out what assumptions arose in the buyer's head: why he believes that each of these components would change necessarily in the “undesirable” direction, and why the allowable threshold might be exceeded inevitably.




Company Threats


Loss of Customer Base

Loss of Relationship, Image and Status

Personal Threats





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