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Loss of Relations, Image and Status


The company's relations with other companies, as well as its public relations (PR), its image and status characterize the degree of company's success in the eyes of others. To evaluate a company's success, it is best to use the following formula:


Success = Results - Expectations


What does this formula mean? The success of the company in the eyes of others is determined not by its real results and achievements, but rather by how much these results exceed what others expect from company.


The success of the company decreases when the expectations of other companies and the public, including investors, grow faster than the real results of the company, and the gap between them exceeds the tolerable threshold. The formula for this understanding is as follows:


Loss of success = (expectations - results) > threshold


Three components of success are involved in this formula: the company's results and achievements, the expectations placed on it, and the acceptable threshold for the gap between expectations and results.


What changes to these components are considered undesirable?


  • Expectations are rising

  • Results are falling

  • Tolerable threshold is reduced


Why would the loss of success become inevitable?


  • Expectations rise very much

  • Results fall to almost zero

  • The threshold value of the perception of success decreases to almost zero


Questions you will need are:


If you decide to buy our product on my terms:


  1. What expectations will increase and how much? (name and evaluate the size of expectations)

  2. What results and achievements of the company will decrease? (name and evaluate the size of the decrease in results)

  3. How is the acceptable damage threshold for a company's success determined? (name and evaluate the threshold value)

  4. Why will expectations grow?

  5. Why will the results fall?

  6. Why can the tolerable threshold for damage to success be reduced?

  7. Why do you think that the growth of expectations will exceed the threshold value?

  8. Why do you think that the results will fall to almost zero?

  9. Why do you think that the tolerable threshold can be reduced to almost zero?

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