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Method of Minimum Cognitive Effort

Who might need this Method and its Win-Win Practical Applications?

Facilitators who want to improve their professional status and be in demand. To gain these benefits, they need to work smarter and with better success rate, but at the same time easier, not harder. How could they achieve that? By enabling the facilitated teams of clients' experts to accomplish the tasks they couldn't before, while spending minimal cognitive effort. For this purpose, they should practice the Method-based Win-Win Applications and exploit their unique features: algorithms that are aimed at win-win results, address the "weak links" of situations, and ​utilize experts' knowledge, expertise and habitual way of thinking.

Leaders who want to promote their businesses to the new level by achieving the goals unattainable to competitors. These benefits could be gained through enabling the experts to accomplish the "impossible" tasks with minimal cognitive effort. In order to achieve that, the Facilitator capable of practicing the Method-based Win-Win Applications should facilitate the Leader's experts. This facilitation utilizes experts' knowledge, expertise and habitual way of thinking, focuses experts' attention on "weak links" of situation, and aims their thinking at win-win results.

Here you can find the sets of articles on the following topics:

  1. How to accomplish the "Mission: Impossible"

  2. How to expand the Business Concept

  3. How to forecast, overcome and avoid Systemic Crises

  4. How to Outcompete

  5. How to conduct Win-Win Sales

  6. How to run Win-Win Negotiations

  7. How to make Win-Win Decisions

  8. How to facilitate the Method-based Win-Win Applications

  9. How to use Method of Minimum Cognitive Effort

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