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How to Accomplish the "Mission:Impossible"

“Mission: Impossible” is a kind of “unsolvable” problem that cannot be resolved by experts in this field  despite of their knowledge and experience. More accurately, it is their knowledge and experience that prevents them from finding this solution. What's the matter?


Professional knowledge and experience in each field is based on a certain paradigm, a widely accepted understanding of how to make and improve the means to satisfy customers' needs. This paradigm is not eternal, once it encounters the limits of its capabilities. That's when "unsolvable" problems arise based on at least one contradiction: "to improve means, you need to continue to do as you did before, but nothing comes out of it." For example, at the end of the 19th century such a contradiction arose:


In order to continue to provide the growing cities with transportation, one needs to use even more horses (100 thousand horses went to the streets of New York every day), but this cannot be done, because it is impossible to remove all manure from the city streets (the horse "produces" an average of 25 lbs manure per day; every day it was necessary to remove almost one and a half kilotons!).


The resolution of such a contradiction does not belong to the expertise where it arose. It is necessary to go out of the box of the old paradigm. The Great Manure Crisis was resolved by... a car. A solution that was not a part of the horse-drawn transportation paradigm.


A “Mission: Impossible” is a more complicated situation, it involves at least two contradictions.


The mission requires achieving the goal not at any costs, but rather subject to compliance with certain requirements and restrictions. This is hindered by an external change that cannot be eliminated. An attempt to correct the situation in some known way, however, faces an insurmountable obstacle. So, experts are right while considering such a mission impossible. Well, this problematic situation can be resolved, and the mission can be accomplished. How to do this, read here.




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