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Do not expect to find here the clear instructions on what, how and when to do. Rather, you can find recommendations on what to think about in preparation for the future success of your business. The most important thing is not to forget the old saying: "If you want peace, get ready for war." Because, as soon as your success is noticed in the market, a real war against you will begin. And you need to survive in it. It's the only way.


A huge army will take up arms against you. All big competitors will be interested in only one thing: erase your business. Why? Because you seriously intended to steal their consumers. If they don’t eradicate your business today, another such impudent business will come tomorrow, and then, more and more. And then large companies will lose their consumers, that is, their livelihood. They destroy your business not because they are evil, rather in self-defense. Understand this.

Why do they decide to attack you at the very moment of your first serious success? Because at that moment you first appear on the screens of their business radars. Before that, you were not dangerous to them, but now you have become a serious threat. Their reaction to this threat is a reflectory one: to destroy. From their point of view, this is the only proper way to deal with a threat. What would you do if some bad guy steals your consumers and money from your business wallet? So, take this reaction to your success for granted. Just like after every night the sun rises in the east, the first success of an innovative business is followed by an attack on it, with the sole purpose of destroying it. Know this and be prepared for it.


What should you do then? You want your business to grow, you want consumers buying your, and only your, unique products. But while your business is small, there is no way you can stand up against large companies. Here is the real problem! What could be done? How to win the war by small forces?


Prepare in advance. Imagine in advance how you will fight and what contradictions you will encounter. Then, resolve these contradictions, and collect in advance all the necessary resources to implement these solutions. It is not an easy task. But who told you that business is easy? Business is an everyday struggle for survival, and the more money you can save and use for this struggle, the better your chances. The main thing is to clearly see your goal: the sustainable growth of your business.


The dozen strategies are proposed here. They were already tested by many successful companies. This fact shows that you can survive in this war! Just prepare for it in advance. Embed in your product, in business, in understanding of your market sufficient flexibility and safety.


Read, learn, use - and outcompete!




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