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Platform development is the logical way of expanding the Business Concepts.

The key idea of "Platform of Business Concepts" is as follows: every successful concept could be implemented in many ways. Platform of Products, for instance, provides for commercialization of multiple products with minimum cost of reconfiguration of manufacturing process. Platform of Services creates wide variety of services based on the single core process. Platform of Business Models enables company to act differently in different markets or market segments while sticking to the holistic business policy. Does it seem like a nice dream? It's going to be the more interesting to live out our fantasy!

Platform-based strategy allows company to bring to the market many business-concepts without changing the process and equipment. Business concepts aimed at satisfaction of one customers' need can conquer multiple market segments. Business concepts aimed at multiple needs can occupy new markets. At the same time, such expansion doesn't require substantial changes in the company. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?


Platform of Products

Platform of Services

Platform of Business Models​


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