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Personal Threats

Personal threats are the other side of the benefits in which the person is interested.


For a person, i.e. an employee of a company, the main threats are:


  1. Lack of funds, time and effort for something important

  2. Reduction of influence

  3. Complication of job

  4. Loss of self-esteem

  5. Increased job and life risks

  6. Deprivation of access to information about the situation

  7. Punishment leading to loss of relationship, image, status and job


Who knows which of these threats seems to the buyer the most dangerous? Naturally, only the buyer. The seller needs to find out from the buyer. This is the first task that the seller should complete.


Any of these threats could be ultimate to the buyer. The person differs from the company by emotional reaction, stress. We could categorize the personal threats to the following groups:


  1. Loss (what a person owns and can lose)

  2. Punishment (what is done by an external force)

  3. Stress (load on the nervous system and emotions).


Seller should in each case specify: loss of what? Punishment for what? And stress because of what? This is the specifics of threat.

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