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How to evaluate personal stress? Stress occurs when important negative factors accumulate faster than positive ones, and their difference exceeds the threshold of the stress response.


Stress is determined by importance (value), negative factor, positive factor and threshold of stress response.


If the aspect causing stress is not at all important for a person, then there will be no stress. Negative factors are those that increase stress, and positive factors are those that protect against stress. Exceeding the threshold leads to stress. Formula is as follows:


Stress = importance * (negative factors - positive factors) > threshold


Negative factors may include loss perception or the effect of punishment. How can these components change in connection with the purchase?


  • The importance of factors increases

  • Negative factors also increases

  • Positive factors decreases

  • Tolerable stress threshold decreases


Why do these changes inevitably exceed the threshold?


  • The importance of factors increases to a maximum

  • Negative factors exceed the threshold

  • Positive factors are reduced to almost zero

  • Permissible stress threshold decreases to almost zero


In this case, the seller needs to ask the following questions:


If you decide to buy our goods on our terms, then:


  1. What negative factors will affect you? (name the factors and evaluate their magnitude)

  2. What positive factors can compensate for them? (name the factors and evaluate their magnitude)

  3. How important are these factors to you? (name and rate importance)

  4. How is the acceptable stress threshold determined? (name and evaluate the threshold value)

  5. Why do negative factors increase?

  6. Why will positive factors be reduced?

  7. Why will all these factors become more important?

  8. Why can the tolerable stress threshold be reduced?

  9. Why do you think that negative factors will exceed the acceptable threshold?

  10. Why do you think that positive factors will drop to almost zero?

  11. Why do you think that the importance of factors will increase to the maximum?

  12. Why do you think that the tolerable threshold can be reduced to almost zero?

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