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Company Threats

If you carefully look at the benefits that may be valuable to the company, it becomes clear that the following main threats are relevant to the company:


  1. Financial impairment

  2. Shrinkage of consumer base

  3. Decrease in work efficiency

  4. Loss of company self-esteem

  5. Increasing Business Risks

  6. Loss of understanding of the situation

  7. Loss of relationship, image and status


All that the company has is:


  1. Money

  2. Customers

  3. Position in society

  4. Resources: both tangible and intangible assets

  5. Employees and their expertise

Threats for the company are associated with unacceptable and irreparable losses of what the company has.


Losses of money, resources and employees can be reduced to one threat: damage, loss of the resource that the company owns.


Threats can be divided into “ultimate” and “intermediate”. Reduced work efficiency, loss of self-esteem, increased risks and loss of understanding of the situation ultimately lead to financial damage, reduced consumer base and the loss of the company's position in the world.


So, we are considering three ultimate threats:


  1. Damage

  2. Loss of customer base

  3. Loss of position.


Damage is what the company loses on its own. The loss of the customer base is caused by the decision of customers, and the loss of position is caused by the decision of those who value the company.


The remaining threats are intermediate steps towards the ultimate threats.


We should focus on the ultimate threats.

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