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13 Dialogues on Win-Win Sales

Edited by John Borza

Win-win sales? Nonsense! How can you sell products in “win-win” style? Everyone has long known that when selling someone wins, and someone necessarily loses. Or isn’t it?


13 dialogues will tell you step by step how you can sell your goods in a win-win style, that is, successfully and in mutually beneficial way. The technology of such sales is transparent, logical and understandable. Moreover, it does not require any special mental effort from both the seller and the buyer. Only three algorithms, three sets of simple questions that the buyer can answer with virtually no mental strain.


However, the results of this technology are unattainable for conventional sales techniques. The goods are sold on the seller’s terms, without any concessions, but the buyer is also benefitting: he gets what he needs to successfully satisfy his needs, and can avoid the troubles that threaten him if he buys the goods on the seller’s terms. Everybody wins: the seller, the buyer, and their companies.


Only one thing remains unclear yet: if everything is so simple, why has this idea still not occurred to anyone? There is an answer to this in the dialogs, as well.


INTRODUCTION. What do we sell and how to sell it

PART I. Sales Technology Sells Itself

Dialogue 1. Selling the Technology

Dialogue 2. Talking about Technology

PART II. Technology Under the Microscope

Dialogue 3. On the Benefits

Dialogue 4. Why Does the Buyer Object?

Dialogue 5. How to Prevent Trouble

PART III. Win-Win Sales

Dialogue 6. Why Is Sales a Cycle?

Dialogue 7. Sales Philosophy and Negotiation Strategy

Dialogue 8. Contact with Buyer

Dialogue 9. Offer

Dialogue 10. Handling the Objections

Dialogue 11. Bidding, Closing and Dealing with Debts

Dialogue 12. Customer Relationships


Dialogue 13. I Do Not Want to Buy a Table Clock


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