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The training is completed. It remains only to pass the final exam: to sell your product to the teacher.

Dialogue 13. I do not want to buy a table clock



T: Well, let's see what you have learned. Today is the final exam. Your task is to sell me a table clock. My task is to buy what I want, on my terms.

Here is an advertisement for your table clock. It was suggested by your marketing department.


Successfully combining multifunctionality, reliability and unique design, the Gagarin table clock corresponds to the extreme rhythm of life, capturing with great accuracy the moments of great achievements. The developers of the table clock Gagarin have relied on the basic characteristics inherent in the best desktop appliances designed for both civilian and military use.


The clock is made of reliable and high-quality materials and components: stainless steel cases, mineral glass, natural marble coasters, movable anodized titanium mounts, as well as Swiss or Japanese mechanism.


One of the main features of the Gagarin desktop clock is that all models are produced in limited series of 75-250 copies which are dedicated to space achievements, heroes, astronauts and talented designers, as well as important events in space exploration. On the back cover of each model, its serial number in the collection, as well as an image of a spaceship or a portrait of an astronaut, are engraved.


Gagarin table clock is designed for modern businesspeople who know how to achieve their goals and are constantly striving for new heights. The prices for clocks will pleasantly surprise and will please anyone. The price range varies from $170 to $500.


I am your prospect, director of a watch store. Your task: to convince me to sell, along with other watches and clocks, your Gagarin table clocks.



T: Task one: develop your presentation.


S: Can we change the advertisement?


T: Only if you have convincing arguments for that.


S: I do not see any benefits for the director of a watch store in this advertisement. And indeed, not a single benefit for any buyer. Of course, one could guess... But selling with such an advertisement might be very difficult.


T: Well then, your arguments are accepted. Do it! You have 30 minutes to prepare the presentation.


[After 30 minutes, the students formulated their marketing message and presentation].


S: Let’s start with the presentation of the Gagarin table clock for the store director. 


The watch store will be able to increase business revenue at a lower cost, and therefore, work easier, not harder, beat competitors and improve their image and popularity. The watch store will achieve this if it manages to sell table clocks to a larger number of buyers and carry out advertising sales, replacing some brands of hand watches with new table clocks and attracting buyers who want a lot of functions, who like the exclusive products, or ones who are interested in space. To do this, use the Gagarin table clock, which is characterized by multifunctionality, exclusivity and is associated with space. At the same time, the watch store will have to spend effort and money on the effective use of new features and on getting rid of the unpopular brands of wrist watches.


T: Well, it seems to be convincing. But one element is missing here: why all of a sudden, this clock will attract new customers?


S: We are going to tell you.


The buyer will easily improve his status in society, and then he will be able to increase self-confidence, achieve his goals easier, gain respect, be liked by others, become famous if he demonstrates a higher status than he has in reality. He will be able to do this by demonstrating his belonging to a special, exclusive public group thanks to the Gagarin table clock, which is distinguished by multifunctionality, exclusivity and being associated with space. True, for this, the buyer will have to spend slightly more on the purchase and maintenance of this table clock.


T: That is, in your view, the Gagarin clock is, to the buyer, not so much a source of information about time (and not only about it), but rather a demonstration of status, a kind of exclusivity, right?


S: Yes, most likely, exactly so. The information can be obtained by other means, but status and exclusivity are far more important differentiators of our table clocks. In the office or at home, this desk clock can decorate any interior.

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