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Part II. Technology Under the Microscope


Win-win sales technology uses three algorithms: a benefit revealing algorithm, a trouble detection algorithm, and a trouble prevention algorithm. How do they work?


Dialogue 3. On the Benefits


Jack met his friend, Nick. Nick is responsible for marketing and sales of Polar Explorer Inc., a manufacturer of sleeping bags.


Features, benefits and costs


Nick: We launched a new sleeping bag with thicker insulation. It is much better than everyone else, but for some reason people do not want to buy them. Either we set the price too high, or the buyer is kind of illiterate, he does not understand why one-inch insulation is better than the generally accepted half-inch. I do not understand what is going on. So, I decided to consult with you. Can you suggest me something?


Jack: I’ll help where I can. Tell me who you sell them to and why.


N: As I understand it, our main customers are car tourists who take a weekend camping to relax. Well, why people need a sleeping bag… is it really not clear? To sleep in them!


J: And why do they go camping?


N: Well, who knows why? Looking at the natural beauty, barbecuing, playing volleyball or soccer, some go fishing or hunting. It depends. What difference does it make to us?


J: Let me get the big picture. You said that your new sleeping bag has thicker insulation. Is this his only difference from others?


N: Yes, but it is very important! You can’t imagine how much effort we applied to persuade suppliers to make such a thick insulation, and then to be able to sew it on standard sewing machines! We tried so hard for our customers, but they do not want to buy!


J: I understand, it's a shame. What can a tourist, due to thick insulation, do that he couldn’t do with other sleeping bags?


N: Well, what do you mean - what? He can retain body heat longer. This is the meaning of insulating a sleeping bag!


J: Good. And if he can keep body heat longer, how does this affect his sleeping?


N: He can sleep comfortably all night, even in cold weather. Well, sleep better. When it’s too cold to sleep, one can’t sleep well, tossing and turning in order to keep warm somehow.


J: Got it. It means that he will sleep more comfortably and sleep better. And how will this affect what he will do all day camping? You said that there are many different things to do: fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, sports, barbecuing and much more.


N: What is unclear here? If he sleeps better, he is fresh and energetic. He can enjoy doing all these things more successfully.


J: Does he feel confident?


N: Undoubtedly.


J: Can he feel the significance of his activities?


N: Let me think. It seems to me, yes. If he succeeds and his mood is high, then he understands that he is doing good things!


J: Would he be better protected from surprises and changes?


N: Of course. At least, a cold snap doesn’t affect him. He is well protected from such surprises!


J: Would he look like a reasonable person?


N: If compared to those with other sleeping bags? If suddenly it gets colder, then he will be the only reasonable person in the whole company!


J: Would he win more respect?


N: Yes of course. He would be respected as the smartest man.


J: Good. Let’s summarize. So, a tourist who buys your sleeping bag could enjoy a camping trip because he has a good sleep, even on a very cold night, and will be fit and cheerful all day. Due to this, he feels more confident because he succeeds in all his activities. Protection from the surprises of the weather is a clear sign of his reasonability and smartness, so he wins big respect. He could achieve all this because he slept in a sleeping bag with thicker insulation keeping warm and comfortable all night.


N: Cool! How did you do it?


J: Wait, that’s not all. What additional costs and inconveniences would a tourist experience if he buys your sleeping bag?


N: Firstly, our sleeping bag is 20% more expensive than other ones. Secondly, it occupies more space, which means it is more difficult to store and transport it. Thirdly, it is heavier, therefore it is harder to carry.


J: That’s the question: are these costs and inconveniences less important than pleasure from camping, self-confidence, security and respect?


N: Maybe, yes.


J: This is your marketing message: the additional costs is smaller than the added benefits.


N: How could you do this so quickly? We’ve been fighting for a month and couldn’t find what to “hook” our customers on. You found that so easy!


How to Convince Sellers | 13 Dialogues on Win-Win SalesAlgorithm for Identifying Benefits and Costs

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