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How to convince sellers


G: Now it’s clear. If all sales could be conducted like this, I start believing in miracles.


J: Give it a try. Just understand that training alone, even with the best coaching, is not enough. Your salespeople need to be motivated to succeed. If you do not motivate them, they will quickly slide into the old, ineffective approach. And they will sell “wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.” Half-hearted.


G: What if I order them?


J: Don’t be ridiculous. They can sell in the old way. Any unsuccessful sales can be attributed to the fact that others could do no better. In order to sell in win-win mode they need to apply substantial effort. To do so, people need to be motivated, and interested.


Remember how you “turned sour” when it came out that you should run around with papers so that my services would be paid without delay? Your inner self immediately asked, “Why do I need this?” I saw that and immediately started working on how to interest you. How to make the success of my training become your success. Only after that you agreed that yes, for the sake of such benefits, it is worth running this “marathon.”


Why do you think your subordinates should behave differently? They have to strain every day, not once a month. So, they should have a personal interest. By the way, not only material; Remember, I didn’t offer you a bribe.


G: Yes, I need to think about it!


J: Undoubtedly. Use a benefit identification algorithm. Find the benefits your subordinates can gain. Then think how to ensure that they receive these benefits.


G: I'll have to take your training, too.


J: Absolutely. Preferably, with the very first group. Not understanding what goes on in your own department you are unlikely to be able to actively support these innovations. I understand that you are a very busy person, but please try to find time for this training. Your participation would be the best motivation to your subordinates. They immediately realize that this is serious. They would understand that they need to learn and develop skills rather than sleep under the monotonous chatter of a trainer.


G: Okay, I'll think how to do this.


*          *          *

Here, in the most general form, is the whole technology. But the devil is in the details. The idea of technology is clear and transparent. But how to implement it? Let's talk about the details.


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