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Opportunity III


If Opportunity II does not work, if some critical means to implement any suggested solution are unavailable, we should consider the Opportunity III:

Comply with Requirement to avoid losses in IMF team despite of presence of mole inside the IMF.

Here, we need to break the Link “hinders” between two Events:


Fig. 14. Opportunity III: Break the Link “hinders”


What is the story in this Link?


Mole gets inside the IMF and pretends to be the loyal insider. Usually, such a mole is an insider who becomes a double agent. Such mole has access to classified information such as NOC list, IMF operatives and operations.

Then, mole passes this classified information into the hands of people interested to hinder IMF and CIA activities. Knowing, for example, the ways some IMF operations are planned, they can efficiently counteract these operations and hinder the IMF teams by capturing, disabling or killing team members.

This classified information is very valuable to enemies or criminals who might become a target of IMF activities. It provides “bad guys” with substantial and unexpected competitive advantage in fights with IMF. This is how IMF teams might suffer sufficient losses.

Prevention of these Events breaks the link and renders compliance with Requirement IMF team suffers no losses insensitive to the Circumstance Mole inside the IMF. Intent works OK. Mission is accomplished.


Fig. 15. Why Opportunity III accomplishes the Mission

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