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Opportunity IV


Imagine that, for some reasons, we could not find a way to implement Opportunity III. Then, we have to take the Opportunity IV:


Prevent Golitsyn from stealing a NOC list in a way different than carrying out the IMF team operation.


Some people call this Opportunity “a disruptive innovation.” It suggests switching to an alternative Intent. Finding an alternative Intent means substantial changes in the accomplishment of Mission.

Again, here we should break the Link “accomplishes” between two Events, Activity and Achievement of Goal:


Fig. 16. Opportunity IV: Break the Link “accomplishes”


This alternative way should be insensitive to the Circumstance Mole inside the IMF, so Mission is accomplished without any troubles.


Fig. 17. Why Opportunity IV accomplishes the Mission


*          *          *


We did not describe the possible solutions to Opportunities II, III and IV intentionally. You could do that on your own, thus finding new ideas to alternative plots of new sequel “Mission: Impossible in XXI-st Century”

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