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Opportunity II


Let’s imagine that we could not implement any solution suggested by Opportunity I. The reason might be quite simple: crucial for implementation means and methods are not available. From time to time, it happens. What should we do then? Switch to Opportunity II:


Comply Requirement to avoid losses in IMF team in a way different than Ethan Hunt’s revealing of the mole.


This Opportunity comprises two Events and Link “corrects” between them:







Fig. 12. Opportunity II: Break the Link “corrects”


How to realize this Opportunity? Again, by breaking this Link. This is the way to reveal the alternative ways to correct hindered compliance with Requirement. Actually, we need to find some other way to stop mole causing the losses to IMF team.

What story presents this Link?

If Ethan Hunt reveals the mole, he either takes mole to custody or kills him or her. Actually, Ethan Hunt should find and stop the mole before a NOC list, as well as information about other IMF operations, fall into the wrong hands. In this way, Hunt protects the IMF personnel and “non-official cover” (agents who work for CIA in the Europe) from risk to be killed.

If one could find the alternative ways to perform Events in this story, the alternative way to correct non-complacence with Requirement IMF team suffers no losses could be discovered.


Fig. 13. Why Opportunity II accomplishes the Mission


If this alternative is revealed, new Corrective Action produces needed correction without hindering Requirement IMF activities remain secret and, at the same time, nullifies influence of Circumstance Mole inside the IMF. Intent Carrying out the IMF team operation prevents Golitsyn from stealing a NOC list works OK. Mission is accomplished.

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