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Sales Philosophy.

Solid vs. Empty

An important question of any philosophy is, what is “solid”, reliable in our view of the world, and what is “empty” that cannot be relied on in any case? Each philosophical doctrine interprets these concepts in different ways while developing its own base, axioms that cannot be proved. They should be taken on faith, and therefore they must be "solid." Otherwise, the entire building of philosophical doctrine stands on the "empty" foundation, and therefore, is "empty".


The sales philosophy is not an exception. While creating a new sales technology we try to understand what is solid and what is empty in our understanding of this process, which concepts and principles can be relied upon and which ones cannot.


Without understanding the philosophical foundations of sales, we cannot develop the reliable technology. By exposing the logic of this technology to the world, we invite everyone interested in its discussion and research. 


Definition of Solid and Empty

Solid and Empty in Sales

How to Talk Solid

Buyer's Gains and Costs

Buyer's Concerns

What the Seller Needs

Move to the Solid Ground


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