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What the Seller Needs

The seller needs to sell, and not just sell, but at the best terms.


What are these terms? There are three of them: sell right now, at a set price, and get money right away.


Let us draw attention to a strange coincidence: all the concessions hinted by objections violate exactly these conditions in favor of the buyer. No wonder. The simplest solution is always at the expense of someone else.


Such solutions always put the seller in a tough situation. On the one hand, he needs to persuade the buyer to buy the goods. And on the other hand, the price of success is agreeing to non-optimal terms. What could be done?


There is no good way out of this situation. It simply does not exist. A situation is "either-or," without compromise. Either refuse to sell, or damage yourself and your company. There is no in-between. Both available options are empty.


The only thing left is to move to the solid ground.

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