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Turn and Leave

The seemingly simplest response to the buyer's objection is to take it at face value, "I do not want to buy anything from you." The only thing the seller can do is just turn and leave. What to talk about with a buyer who objects instead of calmly buying such a wonderful product?


But is this the correct understanding of the buyer's latent message? We know that he really wants to buy this product. Something just doesn’t suit him. And, if understood correctly, he might object for several times, and then agree and buy (Nikolai Rysyov. Active Sales 3.1: Getting Started):


Objections simply cannot be counted. Experience shows that the average transaction with professional seller is completed after handling the fifth or sixth objection. Experience also shows that an unprofessional or insecure seller surrenders and leaves after the client’s first objection. The whole difference is in the ability to handle objections, overcome obstacles.


Turn-and-leave is a completely wrong reaction of the seller. It betrays his inexperience, insecurity, and unprofessionalism. It is better not to rely on such a seller as well as on his goods. Dealing with him is empty.


By the way, how often does this happen? Let me reformulate the question. Who prevails among the sellers, professionals or amateurs? That's the point...

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