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Fears and Benefits


There are two main human emotions: fear of loss and pleasure from benefit. We have already discussed the logical chain that facilitates the transformation of product features into benefits for the buyer. Is there the same logic for fear?


Yes, it exists! But what can the buyer be afraid of when he decides whether to buy the offered goods?


Obviously, he should be afraid that he will not receive the promised benefits if he does not buy our product or if he buys a similar product that does not possess the unique features of our product. Why? Because then he will not be able to better than usual do the job for which the goods are purchased. Maybe, in this case he will receive other benefits, but, in any case, not those that the purchase of our product promises.


Imagine that the buyer decided not to take the more expensive, bulky and heavy sleeping bag "Polar Explorer", and decided to buy another one with thinner insulation. Then, if he is not lucky and the night at camping is very cold, he is unlikely to be able to sleep well and be cheerful in the morning.


In addition, he might experience some losses associated with worse than usual quality of job. This can happen, again, due to the fact that he either have not bought anything or have bought another product that does not possess the features of our product.


On a cold night, if the insulation of the sleeping bag is too thin, he may catch a cold or even pneumonia. This will not bring much joy either to the buyer himself or to those who are camping with him.


A marketing message can exploit these fears and then suggest how to get rid of the threat: buy our product.


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