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Financial and Systemic Crises

The following hypothesis is suggested: the global financial crises are not financial in nature, they are rather caused by emergence and aggravation of systemic crises in various areas of human activity.


If this hypothesis is true, then it is likely that the world economies will have a long series of crises before the systemic crises that arise in almost all industries are overcome.


There is an opportunity to avoid stagnation through gradual transition to an innovative development path. The appropriate program should include a set of measures to:


  • Quickly find and prevent emerging systemic crises in the main areas of human activity

  • Anticipate and mitigate systemic crises while avoiding financial crises

  • Localize financial crises only where and when the next systemic crisis arose, not allowing them to expand to the other areas of human activity

  • To increase the controlled instability of the financial system while avoiding the excessive losses of tangible and intangible resources

  • Prevent the use of “harmful” methods to reduce the instability of financial systems and “delay” the financial crises


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