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Step Three: Build a Solution

S: How to choose which of these ideas to use?


T: Great question, and, a timely one. Let me hypothesize. If one idea could solve this problem, buyers would have found it long ago, right? And if this trouble remains an unresolved problem for them, it’s not really that easy to find this solution. Look, we found a lot of ideas, and each of them helps avoid the threat partially. And therefore, we take one more step: we collect all the ideas together into a single solution.


The solution is as follows: 


The store has a targeted budget for advertising and marketing. It is necessary to conduct some kind of marketing event in which sleeping bags will be sold. Then it quickly becomes clear that they are being sold fast, and their sale is beneficial to the store. If you provide the store with marketing and advertising materials, then the purchase of part of the sleeping bags can be carried out through the target budget, for a marketing event.


Sleeping bags can be sold in several departments: tourism, boating, hunting and fishing. You can use bags in any season: when it’s cold, as protection from the cold, when it’s hot, as a thicker and softer mattress. If you use waterproof cloth in bags, you can use them as a life-saving tool on the water.


If you deliver bags once a month, each batch can be paid separately. If we combine the budgets of several departments, each department will purchase as many sleeping bags as its budget allows.


For the store director and chain store management, it is most important that the purchases are profitable. Selling and turnover of sleeping bags should bring more profit. Then you can convince both the store’s director and the network’s management to allocate more funds for their purchase.


As you can see, such a combined solution will work much better than each idea individually.


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