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Bidding in the "traditional" style


S: But it’s long and tedious! Maybe it’s easier and faster to bargain as it has always done?


T: Without a doubt! Let’s try.


Your task is to sell me an exclusive instant coffee with ground coffee inside the crystals. It is packed in special pyramidal bags of 0.7 ounces in batches of 1000 bags, at a price of 1000 per batch (no matter what - rubles, dollars, shekels). The price of ordinary instant coffee in ordinary bags of 0.7 ounces in batches of 1000 bags is 700. Emphasis is on the exclusivity of taste and special packaging. I represent a small wholesale company, I resell coffee to small shops, cafes and hotels. According to your calculations, I can purchase 20 batches per month for my company. Your cost for such a batch, including taxes, is 850. Is the task clear?


S: Yes, it is. Should we prepare a presentation?


T: No, I already listened to the presentation, it came to bidding. You offer me a batch of 1000 bags for 1000 units, have I got it right? But today I buy the same batch of coffee for 700. Your product is exclusive, I could take it, let’s say, for 800.


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